PotCo is dedicated to growing and providing premium medical cannabis in a responsible manner and controlled environment.  All of PotCo’s products are tested for active cannabinoids, pesticides and mold in accordance with State law. PotCo manufactures its own fertilizer and uses only organic and biological pest controls to ensure safe and consistent access to the best medicine possible for all of its patients.


Emerging and existing medical cannabis markets have developed a variety of products to suit the varying needs and conditions of their patient bases. As a result of these developments, some medical cannabis and medical cannabis-infused products have become increasingly potent and can be purchased in a variety of concentrations. As a promoter of safe and responsible access to medical cannabis, PotCo would like to remind its patients to use caution when purchasing medical cannabis and medical cannabis-infused products. PotCo suggests all of its patients be aware of what they are purchasing and consuming.

Follow these four recommendations, and consume safely:

  1. Start Small: Start with a low-dose or single serving product until you know how edibles will affect you.
  2. Wait: Edibles can take up to 2 hours or longer to take effect.
  3. Don't Mix: Edibles should not be mixed with alcohol or controlled substances.
  4. Lock it Up: Keep away from children, pets or ANYONE under 21, and store in original packaging.


Medical cannabis patients must follow any and all applicable state and local laws regarding the purchase, possession and transportation of medical cannabis and medical cannabis-infused products. PotCo encourages its patients to follow these guidelines:

  1. It's illegal to purchase, possess or use marijuana if you're under 21 without a Red Card.
  2. It's illegal to use marijuana in public.
  3. It's illegal to take marijuana out of the state.
  4. It's illegal to give or share medical marijuana with anyone (regardless if they have a Red Card or not!)
  5. Protect youth from underage marijuana use. Keep it locked up, out of site and out of reach.

Additionally, PotCo goes further than state law to make sure all aspects of the Cole Memo are observed:

  1. Any mention of a criminal enterprise, gang activity, or similar and you will be refused sale and told to leave our facility.
  2. Any mention of illegal drugs, or any illegal activity whatsoever and you will be refused sale and told to leave our facility.
  3. Anyone caught using marijuana outside of our facility (e.g., in a car) will be refused entry and/or future sale.