We are dedicated to growing and providing premium cannabis.  All of our flowers, edibles, and concentrates are tested for active cannabinoids as well as to screen for pesticides and molds.  We manufacture all of our own fertilizers and use only organic and biological pest controls to ensure a product that is always safe.



PotCo offers a wide variety of strains with the same pricing, every day! No shelves, no pricing tiers, no hassle! Our Product is grown with the highest standards of quality and consistency.

                                Member        Non-Member
              $79/oz           $99/oz
Popcorn Shake        $50/oz           $60/oz
Strain-Specific         $64/oz           $79/oz
Popcorn Shake
Trim Shake              $35/oz           $45/oz



Here at PotCo, we carry a wide selection of Concentrates. Our Wax and Shatter is processed from our own strains to ensure consistency and quality. We also offer pricing discounts for bulk orders!  Our brands include: Next1 Labs, Craft, Better Concentrates, Endocanna, Yeti Farms, BOSM, Lab 710, High Tech and O.Pen.

                                                          Member         Non-Member
Shatter                                                 $13/g             $15/g
Wax                                                      $13/g             $15/g
500mg Cartridges                               $25/ea            $30/ea
Fresh Frozen Resin                              $36/g              $42/g
Distillate                                               $30/g              $35/g

edibles, topicals and tinctures

PotCo carries some of the most popular edibles and topicals from licensed Colorado manufacturers. Our products are carefully selected for their quality, consistency and variety for your use. 

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    Mountain High Suckers
    Better Concentrates

    Keef Cola
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